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Spring is a one of my favourite times of the year – the weather starts warming up again, longer days, flowers start to bloom, and the birds chirp happily away.

Here are some health tips that will put some spring into your step this season:

  1. Spend more time in nature – revitalises your mood, can improve your energy, increase focus & helps with depression and anxiety. Get out into the garden, dirt is good for the soul – very grounding and can boost up your immune system. Remember to use sunscreen 

  2. Start Moving – during the winter period we are often less active, so now is the perfect time to start to work on your fitness.  It’s a good idea to start off slowly and gently as some of those muscles may be a little tight. Make sure you include a stretch routine too as this keeps your tendons healthy and flexible. Ensure you stay hydrated too.

  3. Clean up your Diet – Consider a day to day plan so you can see which eating habits can be improved.  Instead of focusing on what you can’t eat, indulge in the healthy foods you can enjoy. A day to day plan ensures you are incorporating a wide variety of nutritious foods, curbing your cravings and eating plenty of vegetables and two serves of fruit a day you need to stay healthy. Spring is a great time for light soups, veggie-rich stir-fries, and nourishing salads.  Remember to eat seasonally as you will get more nutrients and you will be supporting local businesses.

  4. Eat Green – remember Green Cleans, so eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, green apples, broccoli, sprouts & fresh herbs like coriander which is good to clean your body of toxins

  5. Eat Sour Foods – incorporate some lemon or lime juice or slices into your water every morning. Make a salad dressing with lemon, lime or vinegar. Sour foods stimulate the liver and help to detox the body

  6. Adjust your cooking style – Use shorter cooking times, lower temperatures, and less oil. Use methods like sauté, steam, blanch, and simmer. We generally water fry instead of using oil as it is a lot healthier for you.

  7. Clear out clutter from your mind  and body–  A mental spring cleaning gives us the opportunity to get rid of habits, thoughts & emotions that don’t serve us and plant seeds of positivity. Learning ways to manage stress, such as practicing relaxation exercises, meditation, yoga, chi gung, tai chi  & mindfulness helps many people cope with the challenges that life brings.  Access Consciousness is a great way to clear the clutter from your mind and body.  Find a Practitioner in your area.

  8. Spring cleaning - Spring is a great time to do physical cleaning around your home. Remove dirt & cobwebs that have built up over the darker days of winter and open up the windows to let in some fresh and clean air!  Declutter and remove things from your home that you no longer need or find useful.   Donate your clutter to a charity, I am sure somebody will love your pre-loved items

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