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Balances the whole body

 It is a simple, painless and effective method that is used to rebalance the Jaw & TMJ (tempormandibular joint) using healing energy.  This energy is directed through  the Jaw which relaxes & balances your muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, glands & hormones to achieve a state of balance quickly and easily.

The slightest tension in the Jaw Muscles can alter the normal balanced position of the TMJ. By deeply relaxing the Jaw Muscles with natural healing energy, the TMJ can correctly reset itself. The TMJ plays a major role in cranial and spinal dynamics.

Some of the benefits you may receive are: 

Improved assimilation and utilisation of water enhances self-healing process

Improved learning ability

Increased stability in hips, knees and foot muscles

More balanced meridians

More balanced glands and hormones

Less tension in 80% of the muscles in the body

Less migraines, headaches and sinus problems

Improved digestion

Improved toxin elimination through the kidneys

And so much more ……….

Having a regular Energy Correction will give you more mental clarity & better productivity at home and at work.  You will relax better, let go of "stuff" that you no longer require and therefore have more inner peace and be happier.

Energy Correction Reset: Service
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