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Raising Vibrations


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Raising Vibrations

It is an effective hands-on technique that directs healing energy through the ligaments, the nerves and the muscles of the jaw enabling the body to return to harmony.

This harmony influences the whole body and includes the skeletal, nervous, acupuncture meridian and muscular systems, glands, hormones as well as the hydration of the body.

It's a great way to:

Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Worry

Relieve Muscular Aches & Joint Pain


Aid Digestive, Hormonal & Respiratory Issues

Relieve Jaw Pain & other associated issues eg grinding teeth & jaw misalignment

And so much more

During & after your treatment, some people experience waves of deep relaxation, less aches & pains in their shoulders, neck, upper & lower back, knees and less headaches. They find they have improved mobility, they have less mental chatter and get a great nights sleep.


                                            ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS - FOR THE MIND & BODY

                                    All of life comes to me with Ease & Joy & Glory

Access Bars is a technique that is useful for stress reduction, depression, anxiety, clearing the mind chatter, to aid sleep, for ADD and ADHD, for children before exams, pregnant women, etc. This hands-on process has created ease and change for people all over the world.

Think of the Bars as a mental and emotional defrag. It puts you into relaxation. Bars usually leaves you with a sense of peace and space; and a feeling like there is more possibility open to you. For some, it will just feel like you have had a nurturing massage and for others, it can change your life.



Slowing down the aging process

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