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What People Are Saying:


Svetlana says “ I found the treatment to be really relaxing.  I was so relaxed I saw a white light and my feet & hands starting twitching.  Afterward, I felt like I had an hour massage because my whole body was so relaxed, my head was clear, I felt like the pressure of life had been lifted and it cleared a new pathway for me.  Thanks, Kylie.”

Joy said" upon waking morning after treatment I felt as if I was 2 inches taller, I stood straighter and I walked more evenly. The pain was gone from knee & shoulders and the blur had 95% left my head leaving me with much clearer thoughts. And I generally felt good all over.

“Since having two  RESET sessions I can now breathe easier, the pain in my jaw and neck has gone, my jaw does not crunch when I eat and I’m sure my face has straightened out!.  The ache in my lower back has eased and I’ve only had one headache rather than the two a week I would normally get.”  Matt

"I have found that my shoulder is not as sore as it used to be.  Each reset I have, my shoulder improves and the great thing is that it never goes back to the original sharp pain around my shoulder blade or having pain running down my arm."  Kylie Agius


"I gave my 90 years old grandmother Bars the same night as her husband's funeral. All her life she's had headaches and migraines. After the Bars session, its gone and she's just taken 1/2 a headache pill in one year." - Mikael

"After a Bars session, I got blissful sleep. The chatter in my head went (still gone!!) and worries of other's circumstances are no longer at the forefront of my mind. I received peace of mind, clarity and common sense guidance. Even my 28 year old relationship improved and is more intimate." -Karen

"As a Company director at the forefront of innovative business and leadership strategies, I found the Access Bars session very effective for controlling stress and improving communication, awareness, problem-solving, focus and productivity." - Chutisa Bowman, Director LifeMastery (Aus) Pvt Ltd, Australia

"I have run a client's Bars weekly for a year. Recently they told me they were taking medication for depression when we started. Since running their Bars, they have stopped all medication for depression and their chronic fatigue has also improved significantly! How does it get any better than that?" - Shauna Teaken,mymeditationsource, Australia


After receiving a couple of Access Energetic Facelift sessions my body felt younger, stronger and I cleared my point of view about what it meant to age. It has always been a dream to run a marathon and now I AM ABLE!! -Bryan

I've had 3 sessions so far and have noticed my eyesight is starting to improve, Yes it improves your eyes too, not just your skin.  

My friends have been saying I look younger, more relaxed and less stressed - you can imagine how I felt about that.  I am so super impressed.  

I am looking forward to my 20th session. - Kylie

I have had 6 sessions and started noticing after my 3rd session my skin is beginning to become smoother with softer lines and wrinkles on my face and my eyesight has improved -  Joy


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