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Fresh Green Salad with Feta

Look & Feel more Confident & Empowered


Are you enjoying the silly season a little too much?

Or perhaps the stress of finishing 2019 has been hectic and your eating regime has gone out the window.

Do you need some help getting your health back on track?

Reset your Health in 28 Days will support you on your journey back to health and vitality. You will figure out what food intolerances & sensitivities you may have, less stiffness, aches & pains in your body, you will have more energy, and you may slim down to fit into your skinny jeans.

**Please note that this program is NOT A DIET – it is a lifestyle

You’ll learn how to:
• Transition & Transform your eating regime to a much healthier one
• Eat Mindfully
• Adapt a healthy & happier mindset
• Understand emotional triggers behind your cravings
• Understand the secret messages your body holds
• Incorporate colour therapy to improve your mood
• Flick the switch to keep you in a positive state more often
• Combat stress
• Build your confidence

You will receive:
• 28 day template to keep you on track
• 28 daily emails to keep you motivated
• Support
• 5 Live Q & A, feedback & Day 1 set up
• Tools and tips for better health
• Recipes

Phone me to book your Discovery Call to see how I can best help you and whether this program is a match for you. 

Reset your Health in 28 Days Program: Service
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